Make Money From Blogging Essential Tips

  Current info about blogging is easily available. This is especially true if you have access to computers and the internet. These information however could be overwhelming and confusing. In this report I have included the latest essential blogging information covering why it's easy to make money with blogging. How to choose your niche market, where are the best platform to set your blog and many more.

Blogs are here to stay, and many are taking advantage of the trend. Blogging to make money is a popular choice for many work at home business owners. Blogs are simple to set up, and relatively easy to update. This is especially true when you compare blogs to other types of websites. Within just a few minutes, you can set up a professional looking blog for free and start your blogging business. A blog is an easy to update website that looks sort of like a journal. Entries are made at a minimum of each week, and the newest entries appear at the top. Entries are normally short articles of 300 to 500 words. Readers visit the blog or read the new entries through a blog reading program. Readers can also comment on entries and provide links between their own blogs and your blog.

With blogging, the opportunities to make money are wide open. Choosing a blog topic is as easy as looking at your own life for inspiration. There are blogs about everything from celebrity news to bathroom cleaning tips. Before you start a blog, do some research on the Internet to see if people are interested in your possible blog topic. Your topic doesn't have to be popular, but it does have to have a dedicated group of people who are interested in the topic. When you pick a topic, make sure to stay within a fairly small niche. The term niche is used to describe a group of people who have a similar interest. There are big niches, like working at home and small niches like tips for training your cat to sit on the toilet. Try to find a happy medium between a popular topic and a niche interest so your blog has plenty of readers. Some topics, like working at home or parenting, are too broad and have too much competition for readers.

You can set up your blog through a free blogging platform, like or There are also a half dozen others to choose from. The blogging platform will walk you through making your first entry into your blog. Personally, I find blogger to be very user friendly and a good place to start experiencing what blogging is all about if you are new. However you may want to switch to wordpress and host your own blog once you are more experienced, especially when you are beginning to make money from blogging. Simply because it's a more stable system. The information you have read so far are essential for making money from blogging please take note of them.

Now, after you've made a few entries into your blog, its time to monetize your blog. This means you'll be making specific changes to your blog in order to make money. One of the most popular ways to gain income from a blog is by using a contextual advertising program, like Google AdSense or Chitika. Contextual advertising pays you for each time a reader clicks on one of the advertising links on your page. The advertising program will scan your blog entries for keywords, and then place advertising on your page that relates to your page content.

Contextual advertising is just one way to make money from your blog. You can also make product recommendations and suggest information products to your readers. Each time someone buys a product you recommend, you will get a commission. Many bloggers find that making gentle product recommendations throughout their blogs are a way to garner extra income.

Blogging to Grow Your MLM Business

If you're looking for creative ways to generate interest in your MLM business, avoid wasting your money paying for leads and jump on the back of the latest hot trend - blogging.

One of the most significant communication trends right now is 'blogging'. For those that aren't familiar with a 'weblog' or 'blog' for short, it is simply an online message board where you can write your thoughts, ideas or opinions on any topic. By its very nature, as a place for like-minded people to share their opinions, a blog is a powerful tool for all entrepreneurs.

Remember, you are in the relationship building business, not the 'sales' business so any way that you can improve the way you communicate and network will give you a greater chance of building your business. A blog is a powerful communications tool and it is extremely suitable for social and business networks, like MLM. The other great benefit of having your own blog is that it establishes you as an authority in your field and can give you loads of credibility, which is great for Network Marketing.

So you've decided that you want to give blogging a go, so the first question you may have is, "how do I get started?" Lucky for us not-so-tech-savvy entrepreneurs, setting up your own blog is relatively easy and quick. There are a number of online sites that will provide you with all the resources you need to start your own blog.

Listed below is a quick action plan for establishing your blog and how to market yourself and your business opportunity:

o Sign up for a free blog on one of the above websites. I now use and have found it easy to use. You don't even need to have your own website.

o Decide on a theme. I recommend something as simple as your journey as a home based business entrepreneur. You can share both your business successes and challenges. Include useful tips and tricks that you have used in your business.

o If you are concerned about what to write about, just start brainstorming ideas with your team and you will find the list of topics are endless.

o Make the information interesting to the reader, and even add humor wherever possible.

o Add some content over a few weeks, including a couple of core articles along with short conversational, journal style entries.

o Send out the links to everyone in your downline and selected people in your upline. With this type of initial audience, you will find blogging a great way to share information and techniques amongst team members.

o Encourage your team to post comments on the blog and provide feedback to you about the content and usefulness of the blog. Make adjustments as required.

o Once you are happy with the character and theme of your blog, submit it to a number of blog directories (simply search on the term 'blog directory' and you should find plenty!).

o Become the distributor of the latest news and offerings from your company.

o Use alternate techniques like a video post. Simply record yourself with your computers webcam or digital camera and post away! Alternatively, you can take a video of interest from places like and place them in your blog. This will give your readers a great multimedia experience and reasons to keep visiting your blog.

o Tip - I recommend that you do not try to sell your business opportunity on the blog. Build a relationship first and then you may be able to ask for expressions of interest.

o Tip - you can refer network marketers from other companies to your blog to help them grow their business. When they see how helpful you are, they may even be encouraged to join your organization.

o Consider using Google AdSense on your blog as an easy income source.

o Be seen as the expert on the latest social networking technology (have you tried conference calls with Watch out for a future article on this hot, free, communications method).

It's important to keep up with technology and the latest trends, and blogging is a great way you can really take the lead and get ahead of the game. Being a leader means stepping up and providing a strong community amongst your team through the sharing of information. With a blog, you may find yourself being the entrepreneur that keen prospects want to get to know and be around. You are a leader and people want to be around leaders that provide them a better vision of the future. This will mean great success for you.

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