Why Gothic Jewelry is the Latest Craze

  We now live an age where it is more and more difficult to retain a sense and appearance of individuality. Do you crave to stand out from the crowd and let your own personality shine through? Do you feel hemmed in by what others consider 'cool'. https://www.gothicmerchant.com/ Could your answer be to go Gothic? Sometimes by visiting the past one can discover and re-invent a whole new forgotten World. That's where choosing gothic jewellery can help you to jump out of the box and become you. You don't have to be one of the crowd anymore.

Gothic jewelry takes us back to a medieval age where people aspired to look mysterious, unorthodox, and occasionally even wild. There were no boundaries or rules, nobody to force their idea of what style should resemble or to brainwash you with what was supposedly 'in'. www.hymer-acceleration.de If you look at collections of bracelets, bangles, black pendants, black necklaces and pandora style charms they shout out 'individuality'.

Using stainless steel, sterling silver and leather as a base and then adding personalized engravings, intricate designs, stones and beads, they will accentuate how you want others to see you as a person. The Gothic style also makes the pieces very tactile, you will often find yourself feeling the jewelry and others won't be able to resist a closer look or even a touch.

It is all about highlighting your character and personality, amplifying your physical attributes. When you pick a piece  think about the color of your eyes, hair and skin, what will work for you? Do you suit large or small pieces of jewelry? Don't forget, the object is to ensure you feel attractive, different, stylish, confident and individual. Get away to the wild side of your personality. There aren't any rules, you can wear it with anything, you can wear it anytime, and you can even find new ways of wearing it. Who says a necklace has to be worn around the neck or a bracelet around the wrist. Be adventurous, be Gothic.

Take some time to look back at illustrations of the period and you will perhaps find some totally fresh ideas of how to wear jewelry. Many people think it was all about darkness and doom, it wasn't at all. It was an exciting time when people wore whatever they wanted, the individual ruled. At times wearing this kind or decoration was an alternative to being fully clothed, something to adorn areas of bare skin, to exaggerate and enhance your best features, attractive hair, necks, legs, arms, hands, feet, ankles, eyes, wrists, facial features. Remember, no rules, it's your body, your personality, you decide what you want to be at all times.

By using different pieces you are not even restricted to one look, experiment with different pieces. Whatever you are wearing - bikini, trunks, jeans, t-shirt, evening dress, business suit, uniform - there is a piece that will make you stand out from others. It doesn't even have to be that visibly obvious, but people will notice there is something different about you and wonder why?

Why Choose Sterling Silver Over Silver Plated Jewelry?

Why Sterling Silver: When you wear a piece of real Gothic sterling silver jewelry, you earn the right to join the exclusive rugged biker culture; one which treasures the dreams of independence, individualism, masculinity & cultural solidarity. You become what you wear, and what you wear becomes a statement of what you truly are: an out-and-out badass. If you choose to wear a piece of silver plated costume jewelry, your badass image is only as convincing as the shoddy layer of silver coating covering an unpresentable lump of base metal. It fades, and when it wears off, it makes you look really cheap. With real Gothic sterling silver jewelry on the other hand, your badass image runs deep and like the warm chunk of precious silver on your skin, it never fades.

The Bad News: We believe that as fans of biker jewelry, you'd probably have already seen the disturbingly high prices placed on luxury branded Gothic silver jewelry. Just one simple earring containing no more than 6 grams of 925 sterling silver would set you back over US$400. And that's just the start. A weighty, chunky designer label skull bracelet could possibly cost you near as much as your bike itself. That's a really heavy price to pay for the Gothic silver image you seek! Much as you don't want the cheap silver plated stuff, the real stuff is priced practically at the level of a mortgage.

The Good News: There are online merchants who seek to satisfy the needs of Gothic jewelry fans, biker jewelry fans and all others who enjoy the look and style of real Gothic silver jewelry, but cannot afford to pay for branded labels. They provide a precious alternative to luxury labels by offering customers authentic sterling silver Gothic jewelry in styles similar to designer label jewelry. Armed with the capacity to exploit state-of-the-art machinery, engineer moulds, gain access to cheap raw materials and reach out to customers at low cost through web marketing channels, (and of course, a willingness to make a fair profit & accept lower margins), they can deliver gothic styled sterling silver Gothic jewelry at a tiny fraction of what branded labels would cost you.

Biker Jewelry Culture

What is biker jewelry (also frequently) referred to gothic silver jewelry, gothic jewelry and Rock and Roll jewelry)? While we do innately know what it is, many objects of wonder such as these some things can hardly be described adequately through words. It can be said that gothic silver jewelry takes the form of heavy, bulky jewelry handcrafted from 925 sterling silver. It employs bold, unconventional, edgy and often anarchic, defiant themes.

The perception it commonly inspires is that of a rugged, handsome, masculine and individualistic man riding a powerful Harley through endless country roads into the sunset with an adventure-filled agenda. Or that of a hugely successful metal star performing live on stage, inspiring the adoration of millions of heavy metal followers in the mosh pit. It is a look which tickles the imagination and commands awe, admiration and wonder. Today, this look is hugely popular, due mainly to active promotion by musicians, bikers, biker fans, rock n roll fans and other cultural adherents eager to pioneer neo age fashion through the snazzy, head-turning outfits and accessories they wear.

Biker jewelry, despite its generic sounding name, is anything but generic, and despite its coarse sounding name, is anything but cheap. Biker jewelry brands such as Double Cross, Crazy Pig Designs, Chrome Hearts, Bill Wall Leather etc charge thousands of dollars per piece of biker jewelry. Each piece of gothic jewelry might be as small as a four gram pendant, which can go for several hundred dollars, to huge, chunky jewelry chains which can range from several thousands to over ten thousand dollars.


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